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Kevin Ryan

My name is Kevin Ryan, the founder of LI Photography Studio. For years I have been working to create a space where people go for all their photography needs. Whether it is for business or the walls of your own home, we strive to create the most memorable works of art for all of your needs

How did I get started in photography?

My story starts a little different than most photographers. Since I was very young, my father has owned a freelance news business, which naturally piqued my videography interest. For years I spent time learning videography, buying new video cameras, and eventually working for my father’s business. It wasn’t until I was working for him that I realized I also liked the idea of photography, and so I purchased my first Nikon. I spent time making every mistake in the book, learning the hard way, and despising every photo I took. Eventually, I got the basics down and started photographing people. Finally, I became comfortable with my skills and decided that I wanted to do this for real. Since then, I haven’t looked back. I am continually learning new techniques, post-processing methods, and even some of the old-school tips and tricks when I come across a veteran photographer who is willing to share their knowledge with me!
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Matthew Donohue

Matthew was born in Stamford and spent most of his youth living in Delaware and Pennsylvania before moving to Brooklyn. It is here that Matthew would study at the Prestigious Pratt Institute. He graduated in 2004 with a B.F.A. in Communication Arts.
After several years designing logos Matthew dropped everything and moved to South Korea for two years. After, he then packed his bags for Kuwait where he taught photography and worked for Bazaar Magazine. He traveled throughout the Middle East, East Africa, and the Indian Sub-Continent.

After returning to the United States…

Matthew’s life changed after becoming a father, and he then worked in the Sailing and Equine field. He has been aboard on offshore races like Block Island, Newport Bermuda Race, and Around Long Island
Matthew lectures a few times a year on his life in the arts and his body of work. Matthew was a professor at Miami Ad School in Queens, New York. Here he taught graduate students in Photography and Video Storytelling. 
Now Matthew is a photographer and business partner with Long Island Photography Studio. Matthew now focuses on corporate and creative photography, as well as graphic design.

Matthew has been published by…

The Competitive Equestrian, The Horse Racing Museum and Hall of Fame, The US Polo Association, The Delaware News Journal, The Miami Herald, Spark Magazine, Bazaar Magazine (Kuwait), Eloquence Magazine (South Korea), Speak Easy Magazine (South Korea), Ego Miami, Concertblogger.com, Focus Magazine, Listenbeforeyoubuy.com, and Deli Magazine

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